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This week's Echo news

While most of the WPCA boats have been sailing locally in the last couple of weeks John and Jane Atkinson in Eleanor ventured west. After a few days in Falmouth they moved on to a mooring buoy in St Mawes Harbour where they were able to enjoy swimming from the boat. They are now on the return trip stopping off in the lovely village of Newton Ferrers and then into Dartmouth, a favorite for WPCA members. They are intending to return in time to join the Club day cruise and BBQ next week.

Chris and Alison Bell have found a few spare days so will be taking their boat La Sorciere to Dartmouth and then Guernsey where they will meet up with Nick and Tracie Critchell in Mojito.

They will be no Tuesday evening social next week as Castle Cove Sailing Club will be hosting the Laser 2000 Nationals and the Club will be busy with visitors but it is hoped most members will be taking part in the day cruise that day.



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