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March 2021 Newsletter

Dear WPCA Member

This is the fourth epistle from me in an attempt to keep in touch with everyone. You will see from Sara's message below that we might (and I mean might) be seeing one another at CCSC in May. We all hope for this, but I guess we should ‘not count our chickens . . .etc ‘ - better to plan for the worst but hope for the best. As you may know I am quite involved with the Coastwatch station at Portland Bill. For the past 9 months we have only allowed a solo watchkeeper in the Lookout at any one time. As the restrictions start to lift, and more of you are out in your boats, we need more than one person on watch, but the best guess at the moment is that we might allow 2 people, suitably protected at a time, from May or June onwards. Most of our members are not 'spring chickens' and so many have had their first 'jab' already. I hope that you also have got your first jab or will be having it soon.

The ‘Zoom’ talks that we have organised have been very successful, and we are still looking for someone to give us a 'Zoom' talk possibly in April. If you know anyone who would be prepared to entertain or educate us, please get in touch with Sara ( or Jane ( If it involves a charity we may be able to make a small donation from club funds.

Anyhow enough from me for the moment, here is brief note from Sara our President and Chair.

Presidential Note

Well, we’ve survived the winter, moved into spring and summer is on the horizon. As I write this we have had the last of our winter Zoom talks and just have the AGM coming up on the 30th March. Thank you for supporting these talks – I have certainly enjoyed them and I think they have been well received by everyone. After the AGM, hopefully, we can start to get our boats ready for some sailing. Once we are allowed we will resume Tuesday evenings at Castle Cove – probably at the beginning of May. Chris Reid has put together a cruising programme and the first day sail is scheduled for 3 April so if your boat is in the water why not come along for a sail round the Bay.

Finally my thanks again to Michael for producing these short newsletters throughout the winter to help keep everyone in touch and I look forward to seeing you all in real life very soon.

Sara Lloyd, President

Americas Cup Challenge

Well it's all over now - at least for the Italian Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli team. The racing was excellent, especially when the wind got up to a heady 12kn! Cracking along at 40+knots in this wind is almost unbelievable. What would happen if the wind got up to 20kn (F5) - I guess they simply hang up a handerchief! I believe all of the races between Italy and the Kiwi's are still viewable on U-Tube, and if you haven't watched any of it, then I would recommend it. Brilliant!


The moorings are currently being inspected and I hope/expect them to come with a clean bill of health. Weather permitting and with a bit of help we may be able to get the club mooring up and running in April. Wish me luck!

Cruising (Chris Reid and Peter Rigby)

Chris and Peter have put together a cruising programme for the summer, a copy of which can be obtained from our website ( or by clicking on the following link:

Chris is making a request for somebody to coordinate the weekend cruise between 1 - 3 June planned for overnight in Swanage, Studland Bay or Poole. If you are planning to go on this trip, and could help Chris by co-ordinating it please contact him - see email addresses below. Bookings have been made for the Spring Rally to Yarmouth and the Autumn Rally to Island Harbour. If you haven't booked and are interested please contact Chris.

Sailing in EEC countries

If anyone is planning to go to Europe/EEC (with their boat) this year, you may be interested in the following article which appeared in Yachting Monthly. I haven’t read it in full, but you may find it useful. Also remember that the RYA website will give information in respect of Brexit and Covid.


For those of you who frequent the CCSC area you should be aware of the LNTM relating to the ‘yellow cross post’ at the end of the concrete outfall – for it is no longer! For more details click on the following link:

I don't seem to have much else to say at the moment, other than I hope you are now thinking of getting back to your boat and splashing a bit of anti-fouling around. You have my best wishes for this endeavour!

If you have any questions for a committee member, do remember we all have easily remembered email addresses now . . .

Sara Lloyd -

Martyn Simmons -

Peter Rigby and Chris Reid -

Peter Anderson -

Jane Atkinson -

Jacquie Crawley -

Me -

I trust you are well, and doing your best to avoid Covid . . . . we really do want to see you back in action this summer.

Kind regards and Best Wishes

Michael Gregory

Mooring Officer (and Scribe)

01-305 889165




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