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Echo this week

Last Saturday seven WPCA boats sailed to Mupe Bay for the Club’s annual beach BBQ. Led by Chris and Tess Reid in Monterey, Dulcima, L’Entropist, Bo Skip, Joanne, Aquamanda and Eleanor enjoyed an easy reach before anchoring up and taking dinghies ashore. Despite getting slightly wet landing on the steep stoney beach it was an enjoyable afternoon and it was a good opportunity for members to get to know one another. Martin and Helen Bateman had recently returned from a cruise in the Channel Islands and were pleased to join the BBQ.

Elsewhere Alison and Chris Bell in La Sorciere are back in Portland after their West Country cruise and Sara and David Lloyd in Iona have continued day sailing in Weymouth Bay, although a recent sail was not incident free when David had an unexpected swim when he fell out of the boat’s tender fully clothed.

With the summer sailing season drawing to a close the final cruise in company will be at the beginning of September and members interested in taking part should contact Cruising Officer, Chris Bell, for details.



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