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December e-News

President’s Christmas Message

"With Christmas fast approaching I would like to say a few words. We have all had a difficult year but in true WPCA style we have kept going and kept in touch. When sailing was permitted many of us got out on the water for day cruises and some even managed cruises away from Weymouth. Tuesday evening social evenings went from Zoom meetings, to meeting in gardens in groups of six, to meeting on the balcony and lawn at Castle Cove bringing our own drinks, to meeting inside in groups of six buying drinks from the bar, to meeting inside in groups of six with me acting as waitress for drinks, and finally back to Zoom gatherings. Once this is over I pledge never to sit in a group of six! Who knows what will happen in 2021 but I do know your Committee will endeavour to keep in contact with you and organise Zoom meetings until we can get together again properly. In the meantime David and I wish you all a very Merry (and safe) Christmas and good sailing next year.


Zoom Meeting

Last Tuesday We had our Christmas Zoom meeting, complete with Christmas hats and a quiz beautifully put together by Jacquie Crawley. We had 14 families/24 members, join in the Quiz and Cocktail evening on Zoom. It was great fun even if we couldn't sample each other's cocktails. The Quiz was won by Sara and David Lloyd (and it wasn't a fix!). The cocktail prize was won by Margaret Roberts, the winning 'Covid' concoction being:

Cognac - Orange Juice - Vodka - Ice - Dacquiri

Paul commented, "If you make it, please let him know what it's like!"

Weymouth Harbour News

Another snippet from Martyn Simmons, see the following link for more information on Weymouth Harbour's new Harbourmaster.

Sad News

And now a bit of very sad news. I have recently been told that Howard Cogan and Peter Kane have decided to abandon the stick and rag brigade and join the 'Stink Pots' - but worse than that they have acquired a rib (Ohh Nooo I hear the cry). That is really sad news . . . however, thinking about it, on the bright side it is possibly another boat to help me with the moorings!

Mental Exercise

And now a little brain teaser (not too difficult) to exercise the little grey cells over christmas whilst digesting the Christmas Pud!

I was on an aeroplane and got talking to the lady next to me. We got onto families and she told me she had 3 children. Wishing to be polite and showing interest, I asked how old they were. She said, "Well, if you muliply their ages together it comes to 36. and, purely by chance, if you add their ages together it is the same as your seat No. Can you work it out". I thought long and hard and had to admit that I couldn't tell what their ages were. She then said, "I can help you, the youngest has blue eyes" and immediately I knew their ages . . . can you determine their ages?

That's all of the news I have for the moment, but if you have any snippets, please let me know and I will include it in my January epistle - providing you still want to receive one.

All that is left is to wish each and every one of you a Very Happy Christmas from your Committee. Please keep safe and well, and we hope to be able to see and sail with you again in the New Year.


Michael Gregory

Mooring Officer



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