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How to check your WPCA details

This page is just guidance. To actually update your details, you need to open the Menu at top right of this page and select 'Member Login'.

Here is guidance on checking your personal details online, and updating them if necessary

There are four steps, described in more detail below:

  1. Login to the WPCA Members' Page

  2. Click 'Update My Details'

  3. Enter the passcode from the email which is sent to you

  4. Review your details and update them

Hint: Add to your contacts list,

which may avoid the email ending up in your Junk folder

Hint: If you do not know your WPCA website password

then see below

Step 1: Login to the Members' Page at

Step 2: Click 'Update my details'

You will be emailed a passcode

Hint: If you do not see the email in your InBox within a few minutes, then check your Junk

Step 3: Enter the passcode from the email

You will see your details. For example (a rather poor one?):

Step 4: Review your details and update them if you need to

The changes you make take effect immediately.

Thank you.

Hint: Don't have your WPCA password?

When you go to view you will see:

Click the "Forgot password?" link indicated.

Then enter your email address, and you will be sent a link to reset your password.

Only you can set your website password.



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