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From: Jane Atkinson

Date: Fri Oct 29 2021 14:52

Subject: Branding

To: Committee [8]

Strap line

I have been requested to prepare some generic calling / contact cards for Members to distribute to potential new recruits. This in itself is not a problem and seems a good idea. In preparing a draft however I've become increasingly aware that the groups name Weymouth and Portland Cruising Association is somewhat restrictive and doesn't give a clear indication of what we are about. These days "cruising" has a different connotation and there is no mention of boats or sailing in the name.

I was wondering therefore whether the Committee would consider adding a strap line to its corporate style to broaden its appeal.
For instance:-

Your local boat owners club
The club for local boat owners
For South Coast sailors
The Harbour Users platform
Harbour users social club

Object would be to encompass a wider audience and improve membership numbers though clearly this would not work on its own..
The idea could be floated as a competition to Members with a vote for say the top three suggestions as determined by the Committee.

I hope you will consider the idea at your next meeting, but after 25 years the whole branding should be looked at again even if the decision is to remain the same.

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