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From: Martyn Simmons

Date: Sun Aug 15 2021 19:36

Subject: Publishing Software

To: Committee [7]

Publishing Software

As you are probably aware, John Atkinson has agreed to take over the publication of Cruiser Magazine from Jim Long. In order to do this, he will need to acquire a publishing application for his computer. There are some shareware/open-source programs available but they are a bit of an unknown so I suggest that we use Microsoft Publisher.

John has told me that he is happy to work with the 2016 version - £59.99 one off payment for 1 device - and would even be prepared to purchase it, himself, although I believe that the Club should purchase this software. Also available is the 2019 version at £89.99. Multiple platform licences are available but at a higher cost.

The printer is happy for us to work with the 2016 version but the later version would probably future proof us for a while longer. Of course, if John does not continue to publish the magazine for us, then we would need to buy again.

I will take your responses as authority to purchase the software, or not, according to how you vote so please be clear as to your thoughts on this.

Kind Regards


Martyn Simmons
WPCA Hon. Treasurer
07788 422 661