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From: Martyn Simmons

Date: Thu Aug 12 2021 21:52

Subject: Current Financial Position

To: Committee [7]

Current Financial Position

At the meeting on Tuesday 10th Aug 2021, I outlined the current financial position, as I saw it, in relation to our ability to finance paid talks during the Winter season. I can now confirm that the refund from the cancelled Directors and Officers insurance has been received (£135). This puts our current account balance at £5,628.79 as of today's date. We have anticipated expenditure of around £800 to the year end (use of CCSC, Christmas party & Cruiser publication), assuming that we publish Cruiser in hard copy. This leaves an available balance of around £4830 so we are in a similar financial position to that of August 2020.

I would suggest that we are able to finance at least a similar number of talks to that of last year, should the need arise and maybe more.



Martyn Simmons
WPCA Hon. Treasurer
07788 422 661