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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Fri May 21 2021 10:55

Subject: Planned cruise 1sat - 3rd July, Swanage area

To: All members [72]

Planned cruise 1sat - 3rd July, Swanage area

You will know from the published programme that a short rally is planned from Tuesday 1st - Thursday 3rd June - Swanage and Studland Bay (or Poole if untenable). I am unable to go, but I am happy to co-ordinate the cruise. Please let me know if you are interested so that I can keep you updated. The weather at the moment probably means going for a cruise is the last thing on your mind - more concerned about the safety of your boat in its berth or on a mooring. This weather can't last for ever, so all being well we will see a bit of summer and F3 - 4 breezes once we are in June. Keep the faith . . .

Kind Regards

Michael Gregory
Mooring Officer
01-305 889165

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