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From: Peter Anderson (M)

Date: Sat Aug 21 2021 11:23

Subject: Information about Members

To: All members [73]

The Members' Board has the latest information

The most up to date information about members can be found* on the Members’ Board. As soon as new members join their details appear on the Members’ Board.

(* if you have agreed - name, phone no, town, boat details are shown, but not email or street address)

Please check your own details and update them. For example you may have changed or sold your boat.

The Members’ Board is your first port of call for up to date information.

On the other hand, the Fleet and Boat Lists are .pdf files intended for you to print.
The Lists are created manually a couple of times a year and are therefore not as up to date as the Members’ Board.
I am about to regenerate these Lists so please update your details as soon as you can.

Thank you.

Peter Anderson
WPCA Membership Secretary
07802 763 591

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