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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Fri Nov 19 2021 15:38

Subject: Christmas Buffet

To: Committee [8]

Christmas Buffet

I was phoned this morning by Phil Stringer who said he had been been asked by several members why we were not providing a free Christmas buffet this year. Apparently they were of the view that the free Christmas buffet was provided by the club as a "thank you" to the members.

I explained to Phil that the reason was twofold. Firstly as a result of Covid we have absolutely no idea how many people would turn up, hence making it difficult to assess how much food to provide, and secondly we now provide a free buffet at the AGM which we did not do previously. He went away quite happy with this explanation.

If we are challenged by any other members perhaps we should reply in a similar vein?

Michael Gregory
WPCA Mooring Officer
07832 560 043