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From: Peter Anderson (M)

Date: Tue Mar 30 2021 21:10

Subject: Thoughts and reports for the Spring Issue of Cruiser

To: All members [77]

Thoughts and reports for the Spring Issue of Cruiser

After each AGM it's customary for me to ask for your thoughts and reports for the upcoming Spring issue of the Cruiser magazine that is normally issued every April.

If you have any material you would like me to publish, do please email it to me. I suspect because of Covid, material will be limited so that the Cruiser will appear on our website only. In the event of an abundance of articles that may be historic, or refit yarns, poems, jokes, anything for sale or wanted etc, a hardcopy will be produced. Let's make the closing date for this issue, the middle of April, the 15th.

I have announced at the AGM that I'm making this issue my last. I produced the first Cruiser in the Spring of 1996, so after 25 years I'd like to call it a day and hope it can be continued by an interested member. It may be continued in its current form or in a newsletter format perhaps.

Anyway, the best of luck with that and I would like to thank all those who have supported me over the years.

Here's hoping for a successful sailing season organised by our Cruising Officer, Chris Reid.

Kind regards

Jim Long - 01305 776488.

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