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From: Peter Anderson (M)

Date: Thu Mar 25 2021 10:26

Subject: Boat and Fleet Lists

To: Committee only [7]

Boat and Fleet List Format

Following a request from Martin Figg for a return to the 'old format' Boat and Fleet Lists, I have added a further button to the Members' Page.

The new button creates a csv (comma separated) file of List data, and copies it to your Clipboard.

You can then open a new sheet/document in your preferred spreadsheet/word processor, and paste (Ctrl V) the csv data into it.

Then of course you can format the list to your exact requirements.

Note that only data for the Lists is included (ie no email, or street address, only Town).
And members who have asked not to be in Lists are not included.

I will wait a day or two for feedback from Martin before spreading the word to members.