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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Sun Sep 05 2021 08:43

Subject: Cruise on Sunday 12th September

To: All members [73]

Cruise on Sunday 12th September

You will see from the Cruising Programme on our website that there is a cruise planned for Sunday 12th September to Worbarrow/Mupe. Originally Chris Reid was running this one, but unfortunately he is now unable to do it. I have offered to do it instead, so your support would be very welcome. I am available for Saturday or Sunday so if the majority would prefer Saturday then we could make a change. This is likely to be the last cruise of the year so a photo shoot is a possibility . . . the more the merrier!

The plan would be to depart Weymouth around 10:30 meeting in the region of 0.9nm NE of Portland Harbour North Entrance -which is a convenient meeting point for anyone departing Portland Harbour and those departing Weymouth through the 10:00 bridge.

The forecast looks reasonably good although the wind looks as though it will still be from the east, but only F3. A good exercise for tacking on the way out and running on the return. The tide is favourable both on the way out and the return - slack water is around 13:00.

BBQ on the beach is a possibility depending on how many would support it, otherwise an anchor up for lunch in the Lee of Worbarrow Tout.

If you are interested please reply to this using the link below or email me directly via:

Michael Gregory
WPCA Mooring Officer
07832 560 043

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