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From: Peter Anderson (M)

Date: Fri Nov 19 2021 09:58

Subject: Sending emails to just some of the membership

To: Committee [8]

Sending emails to just some of the membership

This is particularly relevant for Jacquie, who might, for example, want to sent an email to just those members who have signed up for a social event.

If you want to send an email to just some of the club's members you can do this by:
+ choosing 'Some members' as the audience, and then
+ clicking 'Select some' to choose those you want to email.

Now here's the important bit.

If you want to send a FURTHER EMAIL to the SAME SUBSET OF MEMBERS:
+ go to the 'List emails' page, from the 'Committee' page.
+ for the email you have already sent, click the dropdown menu and select 'Copy'.

A new email will be created, and importantly the audience will still be 'Some members' AND the selection of members will be the same as for the first email.

You can then of course change your selection of members before you send this second email if needed, or any other field.

Additionally, to make it easier to find the members who you want to receive your email, I have added a 'Find' facility on the 'Select members' page, which highlights members matching what you enter in the 'Find' box.

Jacquie in particular, if this is not clear please do give me a call.


Peter Anderson
WPCA Membership Secretary
07802 763 591