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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Fri Mar 05 2021 10:22

Subject: Format/procedure for our AGM

(To: Committee only [7])

Format/procedure for our AGM

Hello Sara (& Committee)

Re: AGM Zoom Meeting

Yesterday I participated in a 'Webinar' (Seminar over the internet using Zoom) and it went really well, and very smooth. The reason it was so good is that only the 3 speakers had video and sound on. All other particpants had their sound AND video turned off by the Chairman so the presentation went with no interruptions and no chopping and changing of images. No verbal questions were permitted. If you wanted to ask a question you did it using the 'Chat' facility. Questions so raised were dealt with at the end of the presentation by the Chairman.

I think we should seriously look at doing the same for our AGM. There is no need to have everyone's video or sound 'ON' , and as I understand it, this can be selected in 'settings' so that no-one can turn either of these on from their own station. This might require a bit of experimentation, but we can test it out at our next Committee meeting if necessary. We should seriously consider this mode of operation in order to have an AGM which runs smoothly for everyone. We must try to avoid the AGM deterorating in chaos with everyone trying to talk at once and distractions from the speaker by 'strange' happenings in other participants video (and audio).

Thoughts from anyone else?