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Date: Thu Feb 18 2021 15:04

Subject: Castle Cove Fees for 2021

(To: Committee only [7])

Castle Cove Fees for 2021

I have been in contact with the new Treasurer at CCSC about our fees for this year and this is her reply:

"Looking at the history of payments - in 2017 WPCA were paying £231 per quarter which then went up to £245 per quarter in 2019. As you say, there were no payments in 2020.

I would suggest charging would resume when the clubhouse reopens - from the news this would appear to be likely April / May.

I will invoice WPCA once Tuesday evenings are back up and running - Shall I send the invoice to you?"

Very good news I think as nothing to pay for last year and reduced fees this year. I will ask her to send the invoice to you Martyn.