One moment ..

From: Jane Atkinson

Date: Wed Feb 17 2021 15:17


(To: Committee only [9])


I received the following email from Jeremy Parkinson, suggesting a talk for WPCA members Sara is happy for us to slot it in before the talk on the Sinking of the Laconia on 16th March so that gives us a choice of three Tuesdays. Please let me know if you are happy for me to proceed to book it. The only question is that Jeremy says he is not a Zoom expert so someone will need to contact him beforehand to see what if any technical assistance he requires. (Definitely not me!)

"I have a suggestion for an illustrated talk which I think would interest WPCA members. It would be by John Megoran who lives at Nottington Court and has given two talks to WPCA in the past. They were both on the old buildings of Weymouth 2 or 3 years ago and I think were well received.

Anyway his father was a well-known marine artist who lived at 39 Old Castle Road and kept a small yacht on the CCSC moorings. I knew the family quite well as I was their GP. Just before Christmas I saw an article in the December issue of Classic Boat about John's father and about his pictures many of which were done for Yachting Monthly to illustrate articles. I thought that John had written the article but apparently it was written by an interested Frenchman for a French magazine similar to Classic Boat (and their article was a translation of the French one.) I enjoyed reading it and wrote to John to congratulate him on it and he told me the story. I suggested he could give us an illustrated talk on zoom and he said he would like to do it but he is not an expert on zoom. I told him that there would be expertise available to help him among the members and that we might make a contribution to his paddle steamer preservation society. (He was captain of P S Kingswear Castle on the Medway for about 17 years and I think P S Waverly is in need of funds at the moment.) John's email address is "