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From: Peter Anderson (M)

Date: Fri Feb 19 2021 12:12

Subject: Improvements to the Email System

(To: Committee only [7])

Improvements to the Email System

I've made some improvements to the Email List page:

1. The actions for each email have moved into a dropdown menu
2. Once an email is 'Sent', then the number sent is shown, as well as any failures (hopefully 0!)
3. The 'Reply to' line now sets up the Subject as well as addressee; the link does look more complicated, but the good news is it works with Jane's Yahoo!
4. If, after you send an email, you quickly return to the Email List page then you will see that the Status of your email is 'Queued'. Wait a few seconds, click the 'Refresh' button, and the status should change to 'Sent'

By all means try the new 'Reply to' link just below. Your reply will make an old man very happy.