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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Fri Oct 15 2021 11:31

Subject: Sail Laundering and Repair

To: All members [74]

Sail Laundering and Repair

I have discussed 'Sail Laundering and Repair' with Crusader Sails in Poole, and they are prepared to offer us the previous discount of 25% on all sail laundering and any necessary repair work that you authorise, following a detailed inspection by them. Very few members sailed in 2020, or at least sailed very little, but thankfully this year has been considerably better. Having Crusader launder and inspect your sails not only removes harmful salt and other deposits such as mildew, but their inspection also identifies areas of wear or damage which can be repaired at low cost, which if left could result in a more significant cost or even sail replacement. The old adage, "A stitch in time saves nine" is very apt in this area.

It is important that you let me know what sails and how many you would like to be treated, and I will then arrange for Crusader to visit CCSC on Tuesday 9th November to collect them. If this is not convenient then other arrangements can be made.

Any questions please email by return or phone me

Michael Gregory
WPCA Mooring Officer
07832 560043
01-305 889165

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