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Date: Tue Mar 09 2021 12:30

Subject: Change in Subscriptions Proposal

To: Committee only [8]

Change in Subscriptions Proposal

Hi Everyone
I attach a proposal for the change in subscriptions discussed last night. There was some concern that late payers might lapse their membership and rejoin paying the lower rate so I suggest we make the higher charge for new Members to deter this. A bit like a joining fee. I think we also need to put in a date by which payment must be made (I put 14 January - what do you think Peter?) as I think it is unrealistic to expect members to pay up by the 1 January renewal date straight after Christmas. However will go with whatever Peter thinks is reasonable or if Peter can advise that most people do pay by 1 January.
PS Let me know if you can't read the attachment and I will send individually

Change in Annual Subscriptions.docx