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From: Publicity WPCA

Date: Tue Aug 31 2021 12:11

Subject: Returning from the Island Marina Cruise

To: All members [73]

Weymouth Waiting Pontoon Restrictions

You may be already be aware that the Harbour Authority have leased off some 8.0metres of the waiting pontoon to a private company leaving room for only two boats alongside Late returners from the Rally may therefore have no option but to raft up to await the morning bridge lift. I personally regard this as unsatisfactory as there is a danger of impeding early morning traffic in the channel

I have tried for clarification with the Harbour Master and been told the Ribs will finish operations from 15th Sept and at 21.00hrs each night until then So the whole pontoon will be available outside these times. In the meantime Skippers will have to make their own berthing arrangements which will be chargeable if they think the pontoon will be congested or are planning a late arrival.
I think this is far from satisfactory but have reached the end of any dialogue so please be aware of the unannounced change in circumstances over the next couple of weeks

John Atkinson
01305 782688
Publicity WPCA

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