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From: Publicity WPCA

Date: Sun Nov 14 2021 18:02

Subject: Club History

To: Committee [8]

Club History Potential Sources

The following e-mail has been sent to John Whitely to cover a couple of points raised in the last Committee meeting and as a precursor to another article for the Cruiser I would be grateful for the names of any other potential archivists who might add some texture to the historical narrative For instance I think Phil Stringer was prominent in the Club way back. So I would be grateful for the names of any other sources, other than those mentioned, who might help to build up a complete picture.

John Hi

I'm afraid I am the miscreant who omitted your details in the last edition of the Cruiser. It was a sin of accidental omission rather than deliberate policy as I struggled to engage with the Club's ancient software package.

I hope I am forgiven as I wanted to ask you whether you could pen a short history of the Club's early years for inclusion in the next issue The type of information that would interest current members would be:-

Who were the founding fathers?
Why was it formed?
Why the name choice?
Where were the early meetings held?
How did we acquire our moorings?
When was the Cruiser first published?
What led to the talks programme? Any notable speakers?
Major milestones etc.?
Personalities behind the silverware?

If you could start us off, then I will ask Jim Long and Roger Randal to fill in any gaps they can

It would be nice to also feature a roll call of past Presidents, with dates, so we don't lose track of those who have shaped the Club.

Finally, if we are approaching any memorable anniversary dates it would present an opportunity for additional publicity.

I don't mean the above list to be too intimidating so please do not worry if not all the info is to hand. I have at least 5 months to pull in other sources before next going to print.

Hope you can help us out
John Atkinson
Cruiser Editor