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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Tue Oct 26 2021 11:02

Subject: Sail Care and Repair

To: All members [74]

Sail Care and Repair

I am now collating the list of people/sails that will be collected by Cruader Sails for laundering and/or repair. I do need to let them know in advance how many sails and what type they will need to collect - which has been tentatively arranged for Tuesday November 9th (Club Social Evening). They will not only collect sails, but will be available for advice should anyone want it.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you would like your sails treating this year - even if you are only thinking of it at the moment. We do get 25% discount on what is already a very competitive price, so well worth considering.

Michael Gregory
WPCA Mooring Officer
07832 560 043

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