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From: Peter Anderson (M)

Date: Mon Nov 08 2021 11:36

Subject: Membership Report Monday 8 November 2021

To: Committee [8]

Membership Report Monday 8 November 2021

Please accept my apologies for tomorrow's meeting.

My only contribution to the discussion about a flyer would be to suggest that if we want to reach younger people we should use the media that they use - Facebook and Instagram come to mind.

The format of the Membership Report is slightly changed to show any subs paid for next year.


WPCA Membership Report Monday 8 November 2021 11:32 Rev 3897

Joint: 45
Single: 29
Total memberships: 74
Total members: 119
Number of Boats: 59

Life Memberships: 2
Direct Debit set up: 40
Direct Debit not set up: 32

Number paid for 2021: 71
Amount paid for 2021: £2295
Number paid for 2022: 1
Amount paid for 2022: £40
of which:
_by DD: 42
_by BT: 26
_by other: 4
No payments outstanding