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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Thu Oct 28 2021 19:30

Subject: Talks Administrator

To: Committee [8]

Talks Administrator

Following discussions with Sara and Peter, I have agreed to be our 'Talks Administrator/Coordinator'. This will primarily involve ensuring the website calendar of talks is kept up to date and contains the full information. Peter has given me permission rights to access and edit the calendar directly which I can do from any pc or my phone - so delays in updating should be minimal. In this respect, the website version of the Talks Programme will be the de-facto master copy. I have already added the heading 'TBA' to all of the Tuesdays up until the 5th April where we don't have a speaker, so if you are organising a talk you can instantly check if the evening is 'free'. Obviously if you allocate it to a new talk, you will need to let me know immediately so that I can update the calendar. For most of the forthcoming talks we do not have a good description of the talk, simply a title. If you are the organiser of a talk, please let me have a description - a few sentences or a paragraph would suffice - which will be added to the website and viewable by all. I have added a description for the talk next Tuesday by John Megoran so you can see the effect. In particular I need descriptions for the following talks as soon as possible please:

16th November - David Parsons, Trinity House

23rd November - Musical Evening

30th November - Michael and Diana Gill, Cruise up the West Coast of Britain

In due course, descriptions of the January - April talks would be appreciated

Please note that emails to the membership the week before the talk will still need to be sent by the talk organiser. I will however send details to the Commodores and Heads of the other sailing clubs in the area.

Any questions please email me or phone me.

Many thanks
Michael Gregory
WPCA Talks Coordinator
07832 560 043