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From: Michael Gregory

Date: Mon May 24 2021 14:41

Subject: Bob Tuckwood

To: Some Members [5]

Bob Tuckwood - sent to just a few members

I received a very sad email from Bob Tuckwood recently, and with his permission I am sharing the content with you.

""Unfortunately I have some pretty dire news. I have recently been diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.
The symptoms of the disease are not that apparent at the moment and I’m getting about as normal but my voice is weird.

As you can imagine this means that sailing Windhorse is no longer an option for me and we will soon need to sell her. I'm hoping to come down to Portland this week to work on Windhorse and prepare her for sale.
I'm letting you know by email because I find it difficult to tell people face to face, and it is also difficult for others too. I’d much rather just chat and carry on as normal.

I’m sorry to have to tell you this news Michael but I think that it’s better everyone knows.""

I haven't sent this to everyone, but Bob particularly wanted you to know. It seems, for very good reasons, that he doesn't want to have protracted discussion with everyone he meets, and I am sure we will respect this.

We all obviously send Bob our very best wishes, and I will tell him I have contacted you.

Michael Gregory
01-305 889165

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